Professor Harold Abramson (USA)

//Professor Harold Abramson (USA)

Professor Harold Abramson (USA)

halabramsonHal Abramson has been deeply involved in the development and practice of domestic and international dispute resolution for more than twenty years. He contributes as a teacher, trainer, author, and participant on professional committees and serves actively as a mediator and facilitator. For his contributions to the field of dispute resolution, Hal Abramson received the 2013 Peace Builder Award from the New York State Dispute Resolution Association. He has been selected for the International Who’s Who of Commercial Mediation since its inaugural year in 2011 (first year, 194 selected worldwide). And his widely used book, Mediation Representation, received the annual book award from the CPR International Institute for Conflict Resolution and Prevention.

Professor Abramson is a full-time faculty member at Touro Law Center in New York where he served for nine years as vice dean responsible for academic programs, faculty development, and international programs during the formative years of the law orologio falso rolex explorer ii 216570 school. He teaches or has taught courses on administrative law, anti-trust law, business organizations, dispute resolution methods including mediation representation and international mediation, government regulation of business, remedies, domestic and international sales, and international business and trade. He has been teaching dispute resolution courses at Cardozo Law School since 2000. He also has visited as a full-time professor at Cardozo and UNLV. He publishes extensively in the areas of mediation representation and international mediation.  At Touro, Hal Abramson established the law school’s first summer abroad program at Russia’s premier university, Moscow State University. As an ABA CEELI Specialist in Russia, he worked on a number of law reform projects when Russia began its transition to democracy. After leaving his vice dean position, he stayed involved in legal education developments by first serving for three years on the Committee for Professional Development (CLE for law professors) of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) and now as a member of the twenty person AALS Resource Corp that facilitates retreats at U.S. law schools.

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