Michael Lind (UK)

//Michael Lind (UK)

Michael Lind (UK)

M LindMichael Lind is Chairman of Law Strategy, is a joint venture from five organisations delivering consultancy to the legal services environment, bringing together expertise in strategy, planning, leadership, people, organisational design, identity, culture, and branding An internationally recognised authority on mediation and dispute resolution and consultant on the use of mediation processes, Michael was formerly CEO of ADR Group, of one of Europe’s leading specialist menthol vape providers of mediation and dispute management services. He operated from UK headquarters with national and international responsibilities. Previous posts within the organisation included general manager and director of mediation services. He is experienced in project and change management, training and education programmes and application of technology in the dispute resolution field. Michael is a past president of the Bristol Law Society, was formerly an in-house lawyer for the DTI Insolvency Service, and is an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

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