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Linda Reijerkerk

Linda Reijerkerk is presently chair of the European Mediation Network Initiative, EMNI.
Since 2007 Linda Reijerkerk is director of the Institute for Conflict Management, a top-3 Dutch company specialised in training on mediation and negotiation ( Mrs. Reijerkerk is a professional coach and mediator
since 1997 for business and workplace related disputes, as well as for public disputes (environmental, multiparty mediation). She has specialized in multiparty and international/ intercultural conflict resolution.
She is chair of the Association for Environmental Mediation ( and secretary of the Association of Aviation Mediators ( She has been co-founder and member of the board of the Dutch Mediators Association (NMV) (
In former years Linda Reijerkerk has been working as an international consultant in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America for the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, EBRD, African Development Bank, etc. In countries on these continents her work focused always on the field of project management, institutional development, training and communication/ education.

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