Dr. Paul Gibson (AU)

//Dr. Paul Gibson (AU)

Dr. Paul Gibson (AU)

P GibsonPaul Gibson has been a full-time professional mediator since 2006. Prior to that he had 25 years of dispute resolution using facilitation, negotiation and conciliation techniques. He combines 40 years of management, consulting, training and dispute resolution experience, with current international knowledge and specialist training. He is the principal of Gibson ADR – a firm which specialises in

• Mediation and complex dispute resolution,
• Education and training in mediation, negotiation and conciliation, and
• The design and implementation of conflict management systems within organisations.

Paul is also the Executive Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution (based in Sydney, Australia), and a partner of The Trillium Group. He has special expertise in multi-party conflict and resolving complex stakeholder disagreements & disputes. He is capable of applying a full range of ADR techniques and processes – facilitation, conciliation, mediation, neutral evaluation, arbitration and hybrid techniques. Over his career, Paul has worked across a diverse range of businesses and industry sectors, and has consulted to large corporations in Australia and overseas. Paul has worked with international organisations and governments in South East Asia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe and USA. His clients include large corporates, SMEs, government agencies and statutory bodies; he has also worked successfully with “uniformed” cultures of the military, police and prison services. He is skilled and practised in working with Boards, JV Partnerships, CEOs, senior executives, management teams, work groups, unions and in situations involving significant turmoil and conflict. Professional affiliations Member, LEADR (Aust. & NZ) Member, IAMA (Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia) Registered EU cross-border Mediator (Federal Mediation Commission, Belgium) Member, European Centre for Dispute Resolution Senior Fellow of the Corporate Directors’ Association of Australia Member, Royal Australian Chemical Institute Former National Councillor of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators, Australia (IAMA), and Chair of IAMA’s National Facilitative Practice Committee Former Chair of the NSW Chapter Executive of LEADR

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